Sunday, March 28, 2010

One of those Mommy Nuggets

I got such a touching story today about my youngest daughter Whitney. A friend of mine came up to me that works in the children department to tell me what a blessing my daughter Whitney is~she said every Tuesday she comes in to see if I need help and if I do she stays to help me-she said that Whitney senses in her spirit when one of the kids needs something and that she will tell her and the teacher lets her do it, she said she really has a heart for the kids~that is one of those moments that just makes your heart smile...


  1. That is truly one of those moments that make you smile. She has such a sweet and tender heart.

  2. oh finally! I have been trying to post on your blogs for weeks!! Months :)

    Hey girl, you just totally touch my heart!! I love your blog!