Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011~I am blessed to be a blessing!

This year I have a new outlook on my life! My Pastor has been preaching about Miracles and Blessings and through these teachings I have learned that I am blessed to be a blessing-so this year my attitude is just that-God has blessed my life so much that I can turn around and bless others~there are so many ways we can bless others 
Here are just a few
  • Send a greeting card to some who needs an encouraging word (pray about it before you send it and ask God to show you who needs an encouraging note, He will show you exactly who you need to send a card too).
  • Visit someone in your church or a neighbor
  • Blessing someone with a meal or even some home baked goods.
  • Maybe the Lord has laid someone on your heart that needs a financial blessing, even just a little bit helps.
If you are interested in listening to the Blessing and Miracles Series let me know and I can see if I can put a link here on my blog.
Remember You are Blessed to Be a Blessing~Lets bless others in 2011!!


  1. i was challenged and blessed by this, i would like to hear it

  2. Wonderful ways to be a blessing! Be sure to join my Blessing challenge!!