Friday, August 6, 2010

Our New Baby

Today I went over to my Doctors Clinic to get some blood drawn and while sitting there a lady comes in and has something in her hand and went up to the counter and she shows the office workers the kitten(at the time i didn't know what she had) but, I said what is it and she turned around to show me, she asked the ladies in the office if anyone wanted it and everyone said no-so I said I will take him, my daughter sitting next to me who is 17 had tears in her eyes ~we are such softies when it comes to animals..
Anyway she named Him Peanut..
We headed over to the Vet and got him some Kitten Formula and a little bottle, He was so hungry! We have no idea how long he had been alone.
Here He Is

Adopted into our Family August 6~2010


  1. He is so precious!!! And I'm sure he's so happy that someone so kind would adopt him! We rescued the cat we have now and love him dearly. Unfortunately he had tested positive for FIV so we can't have any other cats while we have him. Otherwise I'd be taking in kittens left and right! LOL!!

  2. Oh, he's precious! I would have taken him, too. LOL