Friday, July 23, 2010

The Mighty Hand Of God

Dear Sisters & Friends~I just have to share with you a testimony ~Yesterday my 20 year old daughter and 3 of her friends were traveling to Montana to go to one of the girl's Mom's for a retreat, anyway they were about an hour and a half from here..5 minutes after I texted them and said I was praying for them, they were in a horrible car wreck~God's hands were on them..there was a car in front of a truck that was stopped site seeing in the middle of the road and the truck in front of them swerved to the left and the girl driving the car my daughter was in swerved to the right..she clipped the back of the car and when she swerved to the right they rolled the car down a 30 ft. embankment..I don't know how far they went before the car stopped, Every single one of the girls survived this wreck without serious injuries. I praise God that He protected these girls and that his hand was upon them. God is so good..I just want to give Him the praise and Glory He deserves for protecting our children..My daughter has a cut on her knee but, that is so minor to what this could of been. 

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  1. Thank you Jesus for your protection. God you are sooooo good! I praise You Father for your protection.