Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Chalk Art from Zachary

My son Zachary is so awesome, I just know when God looks down on him He is well pleased with this young man~He went out yesterday and wrote more things down on the driveway~just a few pictures to share of course. 

He couldn't forget his sisters~ And how cute is this?

 Can't forget about Jesus either.....

So Dad and I returned from town and He was so excited He said He found 5 dollars under the tree and God gave that to him because of what he wrote about him on the driveway..Ahhh how cute is that-I pretty much believe that God probably did give him that $5 dollars because He wanted Zachary to feel that He was important to Him~We all of course benefited from this since he spent it on buying us all donuts lol.
I love my son~He is such a joy and such a blessing and it is so refreshing seeing God speak through my young son.

Continue to take time to listen to your children's heart's ~we may learn some valuable lessons through them.

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