Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Excellent Wife~By Martha Peace

This morning I decided to start reading "The Excellent Wife" again by Martha Peace~I have been struggling some and then realized I haven't been doing all that I can be doing for my husband ~I came to the realization that I haven't done what God has called me to do as his wife and made him first after God ~that as his wife I am supposed to minister to him and I never thought of it like that~so through the first chapter those are some things that I learned and repented of those things that I haven't been doing..One thing that really stuck out to me in the first chapter as well was that God has called the Christian Wife to His excellence and that any flower can bloom when it is tendered by God's hand. That really spoke to me because by God's hands he will make each and everyone of us beautiful all we have to do is be ready to follow what he has asked us to. I desire to be that excellent wife for my husband but, I know that only through God's help I can become an excellent wife in Him.

The qualities of an excellent wife are
  • Respectful to her husband
  • of exceptional worth
  • Good to her husband
  • Generous
  • Wise
  • Worker with hands
  • Not afraid
  • Praised
  • Careful
  • Blessed by her Children
  • Fears the Lord
  • Kind
  • Trusted

What a glorious reflection of God a Woman becomes as she develops her ministry as a Godly wife.


  1. May God bless you and your desire to grow!~!! Rachelle, you are wise and a treasure to your family!

  2. That's wonderful that you want to learn more of the excellent wife. I read this book last year right about this time, and enjoyed it. It touched on the good the bad and the ugly!

    God Bless

  3. I love you Rachelle!! You blessed me so much sharing this. I shared with you that I love this book. I might join you in a reread.
    I thank you for Rachelle. I thank you for her desire to please You by obeying Your Word concerning her call as a wife. Father, I thank you that you reveal things to us just when we need them. If we ask YOU are Faithful for provide. Lord encourage her, give her peace and teach her Your perfect Way. Stretch her beyond what she can do and Lord let her see it is You doing it!! FAther thank you for letting me get to know my dear sister Rachelle. In the short time I have known her she has encouraged and ministered to me mightly. Thank you Father for divine appointment of relationships.
    We ask this all your precious Son's Name, Jesus! Amen and Amen!!

  4. Rachelle,
    It is a blessing to hear that you responded to the Holy Spirit in the sweet way that you did, being willing to hear Him, and repent of sin, and have a heart open and moving towards, and not away from, the Lord's drawing. I'll be praying for you--funny, I was just thinking this afternoon of reading The Excellent Wife, I have never gotten all the way through it:)
    Thanks for the encouraging post!
    Faith's Firm Foundation