Thursday, March 25, 2010

My beautiful daughter Lindsey

My beautiful daughter Lindsey turned 20 on the 14th~its hard to believe my baby is a young woman now~some days I wonder where all the time has gone~but, I have to say I am so very proud of her...she is a beautiful woman of God and is serving him with all her heart..she attends a program we have in our church called the movement and it is a 10 month commitment to God~she has committed her time to serving Him and the Church for these 10 months and I am so proud of her for that! She loves to sing with the worship team and she also helps with any ministries in the Church..You will find her with a group of kids doing outreach usually every week. 
I know that God is with her and that He will be with her all the days of her life...I praise him for the wonderful work He is doing in her life. 
When she graduates in August from the movement she wants to go to College to be a teacher for the disabled ( I think that is awesome) !
I am excited to see the awesome things He brings her way as she continues to grow in Him. 



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