Sunday, February 21, 2010

Todays Sermon

Today my Pastor really brought the Heart of Jesus~He talked about the Great Commission
The Great Commission~Go Into all the World and Preach the Gospel to every Creature (Man, Woman and Children)This is his commandment to us.
Another way to look at it is~ There is 168 hours in one week-can we commit to one hour a week~to reach others for Christ, to show someone we care or to encourage someone, that is only giving 10 minutes a day of our time to show others the love of Christ, or to disciple someone..This really spoke to me~I went in asking God to give me confirmation on something that someone asked me to prayerfully do this week and I asked God to give me Confirmation~and boy did I ever get that Confirmation today~In everything I do, I want to bring Glory and Honor to my Lord, I want him to be proud of me every time He looks at his daughter..

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