Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just Chatting & Cards

Today has been a pretty busy day, I got up early so I could check out some more blogs and see what everyone created for some challenges, there are so many wonderful talented people out there, then I got my youngest two (the two whose picture are posted on my header of my blog) and got them ready for a leadership meeting at the church, they both work in the children department~so I got them there for that, and while they were there I went in and did cardio at the gym, 10 minutes on the bike and 15 on the treadmill..Since October I have lost 20 lbs and I am not sure how many inches, I am keeping my weight loss journey on my blog but, I haven't updated on that yet~then I went over to the AT&T store because the phone they just sent me is acting up already, I have had a continuous problem with this brand of a phone since I have gotten it, they finally agreed to give me a different phone Yay! So, when I got home guess what I decided to do? Yep! make a few cards, tomorrow is pretty busy with Church and also Bible School (I attend a credited Bible College on Sundays at my Church) Currently I am taking 3 classes and probably won't have much time to make any cards.
Here are the two I made..

 This one I used the Sweethearts Cartridge and made it for a very good friend of mine and she will give it to her honey. I used Stickles glitter on the Love..And the cuttlebug for my white background.

 I just love how this card turned out, I made 4 of them and put them in my etsy store. I used this basic grey background paper that I bought at michaels then used a sponge to ink around the edge of the paper, I used my Accent Essential Cartridge and cut the first one at 3 and 1/2 and then cut again with an ivory paper at 3 and 1/4 and I used a stamp set from stampin up and I added bling and a flower in the corner
And on the inside stamped 
"Sending thoughts of love and praying for the
to sustain you with bright and restful days"

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  1. Very pretty cards. I hope the kids had fun at the meeting! Have fun at college tomorrow.