Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hi Friends

Hello Friends,
I hope this post finds all my readers, friends & family well, I have been very busy lately and just got behind with my blogging. A few new things I have been doing lately I started a Weight Loss Challenge at a Local Gym and although I really am not entered in the Challenge ~I go three times a week to exercise and trying to get a start on getting in shape, I have a long ways to go but, I know that with the Lord giving me strength and having him by my side, I will do this! I didn't want to join the challenge because I am not putting a bikini on and taking pictures of myself for others to see Lol...Another project I have been working on is making cards to sell to raise funds to give to my church for their 25th Anniversary Celebration. I had listed quite a few on etsy and since they were not selling I wanted to donate and give to this Celebration. It's been a busy year teaching school but, the kids have done great so far. I have also been working on baby blankets to sell on Etsy.

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