Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Last nights service was good, He talked about how God has called us to go into all the World and share the good news~we are the salt and the light of the thing that spoke to me through this message was this
"Draw Circles Of Love, Not Lines Of Division."


I-Involved (be involved )

N-Notice the protection that is around us (He Protects us.)

F-Faithful-Stay faithful

L-loving-be loving and allow God to use you.

U-Used-let god use you

E-Embrace-Draw Circles of love, not lines of division.

N-Nice-be nice to people (don't condemn people)

C- Confident-be confident God can and will use you.

E-Effort -We need to make an effort to do something.

I know that I want to be an influence for God and for his kingdom~I hope something in this helps you too.