Thursday, April 29, 2010

Knitted Wash Cloths

Tonight I finally finished making the dish cloths that I started for my very special friend's daughter who is getting married soon, I hope she doesn't see this post Lol! I made her 5 dish cloths, 4 in the basket weave pattern  and I did these in Country colors to go with her Kitchen Decor, and then the last one took me a little more time, it is a pattern with praying hands. I enjoyed making these and pray that my friend's daughter is very blessed with them.


  1. They are beautiful! That young lady is going to love them :)

  2. Those look wonderful. I think I'd have to hang up the one with the praying hands because it's just so pretty.

  3. Oh wow Those are so beautiful! Anyone would love to receive such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.