Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Hi Friends
What a blessing today has been! Church Service was wonderful, My Pastor talked about The Primary Acts of the Cross...

1. Jesus became our Sin bearer.
2. He gave us peace (we have peace with God).
3. He paid the price for our healing.
4. He is our provider.
5. He is our friend.
6. He gives us wisdom and guides us.
7. He conquered all the powers of the devil.

He also talked about God puts Men and Women or dear friends in our lives to help us carry that load. (He will put a real Jesus in our life) Isn't that just like our God who loves us so much when we are struggling and don't feel like we can go any further that God brings someone in our life to help us? I love that about God~that shows us that He loves us so much that He will take time to have someone be there just for us!

He also talked about the 3 crosses~1. The cross of rejection (because the one thief had the sin of unbelief) 2. Cross of reception~the thief that did believe in him and He asked Jesus one thing~to remember him and by that ~He believed and 3. The cross of redemption ~Jesus took all of our sins upon him to the cross.

We sang this song today~Oh how he loves us!



  1. Happy Easter! That sounds like a powerful message. I never ever thought about what the other 2 crosses represented!! That just blows my mind! Wow
    I love that song too!
    I just cant get over the fact that I never considered the other crosses.
    Powerful...I love Jesus

  2. I hoped you had a blessed filled Easter:)

  3. I so LOVE that song! It is so powerful! Happy Easter, Rachelle!!! tender hugs!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Easter service. :) I hope you had a blessed and wonderful day!