Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Excellent Wife~My Thoughts Day 2

Hi Friends
Well, today I was on the second chapter of "The Excellent Wife" I am going to try and post my thoughts each day on what the Lord is teaching me..I didn't get to read the complete chapter due to things happening in the house but a couple things that really spoke to me is learning that God is Purposefully working in my (your)life.
God promises to use all of our life experiences, including any evil that has been used against us, for your good..
One Example of good that comes from adversity is changes in your character as you become more like the Lord Jesus Christ.
Another Example of good that comes from Adversity is that God is tremendously honored (glorified) if you respond biblically. God promises to use all things for your good if you love God. You love God by being an obedient Christian. (John 14:15)

So, this really touched my life today~I went through quite a bit of abuse as a child and this was like God showing me that all of that stuff I went through God can use that for his glory~I know he can do this and I know dear sisters that he can do this for you too..He cares about each and everyone of us and loves you so much!
Keep on Keeping on even when you don't feel like you can go on. Jesus is there for you and when you don't have enough Faith ~He has the Faith~When you don't have enough Strength~He has the strength~Lean on Him dear sisters..
I love ya

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