Friday, March 19, 2010

Science Fun

Yesterday we taught Zachary about Deep Water and Surface Currents..
  • The Movement on deep water currents depends on how salty the water is, its temperature, and density.
  • Surface currents are mainly caused by wind, which is a result of the rotation of the Earth.
We did a Science Experiment to tell the difference

  • First we measured 97 mL of very cold water in the graduated cylinder. 
  • Then we added salt until it reached 100 mL.
  • Then poured the mixture into a glass

We observed the salty water and then we compared it to freshwater. Because it is salty it is denser than freshwater because it is so salty. Then we added blue food coloring to the glass of salty water and set it aside.

    • We measured 60 mL of salt into the graduated cylinder.
    • Then poured 2 L of very warm water into a clear baking dish.  
    • We then added the salt and mixed until the salt dissolved.   
    • We let it sit until the water was still. 

    We then added the cold water to the warm water to see if it sank just as it does in the ocean. 


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