Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am so Excited!

I am so excited! The Lord is good!
My husband has had a lot of job changes lately and has been laid off for 3 weeks-The Plant that He works at sold and so they had to re interview everyone that worked for the old Plant..anyway we have been waiting to hear all week on if he had a job or not and they called today...And offered him the day shift position-this may not mean a lot to others, but to us we have been praying that He would get a day shift position for a long time, we have had swing shift, graveyard and relief shift ~I am so thankful to God for Answering our Prayers~He is also the Senior Boiler Operator..We are in awe of God answering this prayer for us.
Thank You Lord for giving favor to us today~We praise you for all that you are doing in our lives and in our Children's lives.

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  1. oh Rachelle, that is great news!!! yea!!! Praise God!!!